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Oliveda Detoxifying Mouth Oil Cure

Oliveda Detoxifying Mouth Oil Cure 200ml
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  • Oliveda Detoxifying Mouth Oil Cure
    Oliveda Detoxifying Mouth Oil Cure

Oliveda Detoxifying Mouth Oil Cure 200ml


Out of stock

Oliveda Detoxifying Mouth Oil Cure is based on the highly effective award winning Arbequina extra virgin olive oil that received numerous awards and olive leaf and mint extracts. This mouth oil has the same effect on the skin as a spa therapy with olive tree products – from the inside out. The cure is perfect for those practicing Oil Pulling. Rinse your mouth with this oil before brushing teeth on a daily basis to purify and detoxify your body. The full effect will be noticeable after 2-4 weeks of continuous use.

Goes well together with Oliveda Orac and Camu Camu Olive Tree Concentrate

Read more on the benefits of Oil Pulling here

Key Benefits

  • Perfect option for Oil Pulling
  • The visible effects: whiter teeth, cleaner and finer complexion and more radiant skin.
  • The wellbeing effects: you will feel less fatigued with a higher overall level of energy


  • Fresh cell sap/concentrate from the olive tree – the active anti-aging agents of olive (polyphenols hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein)

Additional Information


Rinse your mouth with 1 teaspoon of Detoxifying Mouth Oil Cure for 8-12 minutes daily before brushing teeth, . To achieve the full effect make sure the product is constantly moved around the mouth and in between your teeth during this time. After 8-12 minutes, discard the oil in a Kleenex and brush your teeth as normal.


Many celebrities swear by the Oliveda glow effect and are true fans of the brand. According to Style Magazine the most popular celebrities among Oliveda fans are Madonna and Charlize Theron

olea europea (olive) fruit oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis (almond) oil, tocopheryl acetate, mentha piperita.