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Vetia Mare

Cosmetics Guru is proud to be one of the first stores in the UK to present VETIA MARE, a 100% organic cosmetic brand, developed and produced in Switzerland. A sister brand to Vetia Floris, Vetia Mare has been based on biologically active components of ancient deep-sea plants.

The Brand

Thanks to their unique nature-endowed active components, plants that inhabit the world’s oceans have managed to survive and thrive over the millennia under harsh conditions. VETIA MARE was created as an integrated skincare range composed of optimal concentrations of natural organic elements derived from ancient oceanic organisms. Even the water used in the formulas is rich in natural minerals. In short, VETIA MARE’s youth sustaining skincare combines biologically essential concentrations of ingredients, obtained exclusively from sustainable oceanic organic sources.

The ethics

The brand follows the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice throughout the entire productive process. Therefore they qualify for the most stringent level of certification by NATRUE, an international non-profit organization whose sole mission is to safeguard and promote the highest standards of natural skincare.

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