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The brand uses the holistic knowledge in beauty, health and wellbeing, based on the life of the olive tree. The history of the olive tree started 7000 years ago therefore making it the oldest cultivated plant on earth.

Olive Tree Cell Elixir

The brand created their anti-aging natural cosmetics with the use of olive tree cell elixir. This elixir is the secondary plant substance of the olive tree and is the lifeblood of the olive tree. It is thanks to its rejuvenating anti-aging power, an olive tree could live up to 4000 years maintaining high vitality. This fresh olive tree cell elixir is extracted in a unique and extremely elaborate biotechnological process and forms the secret of Oliveda.

This lifeblood is the basis for almost all products which Oliveda manufactures without the use of water unlike the majority of other cosmetic products. Oliveda, therefore, represents the oldest and probably the most advanced anti-aging therapy known to the Western World.

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