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Luna Bronze

Tanning. Minus the Sun.

Luna Bronze™ is where sunless tanning meets skincare. We make our products in Australia from premium organic, natural and naturally derived ingredients.

Over recent years there has been an increased awareness of the danger that prolonged sun exposure has on our skin and health. Society has become more educated about the serious side effects and long lasting risks UV Rays pose to our health and our looks. Thus our personal search for a healthier, safer alternative to sun tanning began.

In addition, consumers are now also demanding natural and organic products safe from harsh chemicals. They are continually searching for new products that are naturally and ethically sourced. Hence the team at Luna Bronze identified a gap in the market for a luxurious self-tanning and skincare range. We wanted our products to stand out from the rest. We want our ground-breaking range to offer something new and exciting. Overall, we want tanned skin without the risks of sun exposure.

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