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Gaylia Kristensen

Gaylia Kristensen skincare

Gaylia Kristensen is the anti-ageing skincare which was created to combat the effects of Australia’s extreme unforgiving environment which is known to be the harshest, driest climate in the world.

State of the art, naturally derived, molecular polypeptide and protein technologies have been combined with natural Australian botanicals used in their highest concentrations to achieve optimal results and create the most advanced anti-ageing solutions in the world today. The result of bringing techniques from the pharmaceutical world into the cosmetic field has allowed scientists to create an unlimited source of new pharmaceutical grade cosmetic Actives with well defined structure, purity and efficacy. These new Actives are tailored to molecules found in our own bodies and are designed to reach specific targets to achieve outstanding proven results. These Actives represent a revolution in what is possible using naturally derived ingredients.

Gaylia Kristensen – exquisite natural products that achieve unparalleled results.

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