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Antonin B

WHO ARE Antonin B?

Antonin B is a young Parisian brand that is very attached to its roots. We have decided to embark on the organic beauty journey because we want to contribute to a vision of beauty that stands on 3 foundations: efficiency, pleasure and ethics.

Good enough to be Skincare

We have been told that our formulas are closer to skincare than hair care. That is simply because we respect you. We respect your hair and we respect your health.
Are you demanding when it comes to performance and ethics? If yes, Antonin. B is for you. We create cosmetic solutions that are efficient, ethical, professional, 100% nature derived and certified organic. We help you care for your hair consciously.

Why consciously? Because we believe that beauty is not only a matter of vanity. For us, beauty is not unable to coexist with perceptivity and well-being is not incompatible with solidarity.

We packed our products with active ingredients; 100% nature-sourced (nothing synthetic); have a high percentage of organic ingredients; ethically produced; rely on green (non-polluting, non-toxic) science; ban GMOs; use pure ingredients with premium quality; do not use protected and endangered plants; are not tested on animals; focus on the beauty but also the health of the hair.

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