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Why Absolution?

Absolution has developed a certified organic high-end skincare range which is nothing less than exceptional! The range uses Mix & Match concept when any serum can be mixed into any cream. This makes products bespoke and adaptable to your skin’s different needs on a day to day basis. The products exceed the 10% organic certification requirement. Furthermore the majority of the products contain 50% organic ingredients and 99% of all ingredients are natural.

A number of products has won prestigious quality awards by l’Observatoire des Cosmétiques

The brand’s mission

The mission is to create aesthetically beautiful products that are both effective and bring beauty into our lives. Helping you achieve and maintain a beautiful healthy skin is the brand’s small contribution to a better world.

The brand offers a different approach to skincare to all those who believe that Efficiency, Honesty, Ecology and Creativity are not merely marketing concepts. Absolution is a committed brand using eco-conceived packaging and carefully selecting suppliers to reduce production impact. Furthermore, 2% of their funds are donated to the International charity Care International because they believe each step counts.

Perhaps it is time for you to discover Absolution?

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