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Interview with Gaylia Kristensen. The passion and technology behind her skincare. Part 2 of 2

Gaylia Kristensen interview part 2


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Why did you choose Australian plants to use with this technology?

What we did we brought the best technologies from all over the world, the majority come from Europe, but in fact we brought them from all over the world to Auben in Australia. We combined the power of the peptide technology and the power of botanicals which are grown in the tough Australian climate resistant and the overall results were phenomenal. Nobody has ever done this before. We created a range of 10 hero products and I wanted each product to be its own standalone hero and be the best of the best in its category. I do not do 5 cleansers, I only do one GENTLE Orange Blossom cleanser and it is the best for everybody. It will remove all of the make-up and pollution, it loves water and the big difference is that as it is a deep cleansing product it will also feed the skin. A lot of cleansing products will just strip out but they do not give back, they do not nourish, they do not rejuvenate the skin. As an anti-aging product we want to make sure our cleanser has powerful anti-aging properties in it as well. From Australian botanicals we use such plants like Quondum, Coucoudoo plant from the Cacadu rainforest, Macademia oil, Australian Avocado oil which is the best in the world, Australian organic Aloe Vera which is also the best in the world. We use as many organic Australian botanicals as we can. The cleanser, for example, is a true phytonutrient feast for skin as you are literally filling the skin with moisture. This is what makes the big difference because a lot of cleansing products even though they are natural may still be full of alcohol and ingredients that strip everything out from your skin.

I suppose the other point is that such harsh cleanser will really upset the PH balance of the skin. They strip out all of the fatty acids and the skin goes alkaline.

Yes and that is why we also have Heaven mist which is a moisturising mist and a toner at the same time. It has TRAILER and vegetable complex. The trailer actually comes from cactus which is known for its ability to lock in moisture. We also use this in the creams to build in climate control so if you are flying we are rebalancing the moisture levels as you get on and off the plane particularly if you arrive into a harsh climate.

We have amazing anti-pollution technologies as well. We are the first in the world to use polyradical scavenging. Working with the University of Milan we found out that there are actually three types of radical species. There are oxygen species which we use antioxidants for, but now have new incredible technologies for carbonyl and nitrogen scavenging as well. This combination creates ultimate protection from pollution and photo aging additionally to our botox-like effect peptide technology.

Is this combination what you call Youth Complex in each product?

It is the combination of protein and peptides technologies. The difference is that protein molecules are bigger. We use up to 7 protein and peptide technologies in one product. This is very important because other companies will only use one and most likely in a very low percentage which would not work. For instance, to get the same effect as our one DREAM cream which has 7 powerful technologies in it, you need to buy 7 individual products from other brands.

That is why it works!

Yes! Well, I thought what is it that people want these days? Life is busy, it is very intense, we travel a lot. Do you really want to travel with 5 different creams? A night cream, a day cream, a lift cream etc. I thought I did not want to do it and I just wanted to put it all I one jar. From a marketing point of view some might say I am crazy but from the consumer point of view I myself just want one product that does it all. The beautiful thing is all of the investment in the product is inside that jar. It is all in the technology, it is not in the advertising. It is a big thing about our value, we do not have a massive marketing budget built into our pricing. Our price is all about the technology inside that jar. A lot of other companies will design it the other way.

How would you describe your customer who buys Gaylia Kristensen skincare regularly?

We tend to have two different groups of customers. I designed the range in life stages. I asked myself what is it that a 20 year old needs? What was actually concerning me is that I saw some 18 year old girls going to have Botox injections done. I asked them what it was that they wanted to achieve and the answer was to stop wrinkles. However, if you actually understand what the Botox does it does not stop wrinkles. It is a matter of education. 20-30 year olds want to stop the wrinkles so we should focus on prevention. So for 20-40 year olds we have the GENTLE cleanser, the EYE LIFT and DREAM cream and this combination is powerful enough to stop the aging. We now have serious preventative technologies including those for photo aging and pollution which we never used to have before. At 30 years old we recommend adding our serum UTOPIA which is all about serious lifting and firming around the face particularly for the bottom half of your face, around the mouth, the jaw line, your neck, decollate and back of the hands areas. Then you have WHITE MAGIC serum which is basically UTOPIA plus additional incredible technology called Chromabright which derived from Valamenii and it is a melanin suppresser. It actually prevents pigmentation from happening and reverses it at the same time. A lot of women get hormonal pigmentation or sun spots which we now have the technology to prevent. You now do not have to use Hydroquinone, Acids or Bleach which is what a lot of other brands use in their products.

Which actually makes pigmentation worse in the long term particularly when the skin is exposed to the sun?

Yes, that is right and this is actually a big problem, particularly in Asia where women are obsessed with having a perfect complexion and a lot of damage has been done to their skin by skincare which uses very harsh strong chemicals. Now we have a natural solution which is WHITE MAGIC serum. This is one serum which does everything. Other brands will have 5 different products – one serum for moisturising, one for lifting, one antioxidant, one for even complexion and in a lot of other brands these will cost $1000 each. With Gaylia Kristensen you only need one product that does it all.

What about the DELUX cream?

When you turn 40 you should swap your DREAM cream to the DELUX firming cream. It has a richer texture and it also has higher percentages of actives, for example,some of the firming technologies are present in double the quantities in this cream. Then when you reach 50-60 it is a good time to introduce PASSION oil into your daily skincare routine. This is also the time when women come into their menopause. I had a very dry skin at the menopause and my skin turned very thin, it became very itchy and sensitive and I realised that I needed something drastic so this product was created for me, for my skin at that time. The PASSION oil is really extraordinary, I call it the natural miracle because basically it rescues very dry skin. It turned out to be a natural miracle and as far as I am personally concerned it is a skin healer. My trick is to use the DELUX cream to get all of the peptide technologies and then add a drop of PASSION oil to _*the pump of *_cream on your hand and mix these together before applying this mixture on your face. This way you get all of the technologies enriched with the additional moisture from the oil. It is the best thing I have tried on my skin in my entire life!

We also use PASSION oil for massages as part of Gaylia Kristensen professional spa treatments, but you can really apply it everywhere – on your hair, the back of your hands etc. I also always apply on my skin whenever I am flying as my skin gets very dry during the flight.

What about men? Are your products suitable for men?

Men are crazy about them! They are shaving with the GENTLE Orange Blossom Cleanser. Those with the sensitive skin find this product perfect to avoid ski irritation after shaving. They love VELVET polish, EYE LIFT and DREAM cream. These are our best sellers with men and all men I know absolutely love them. The range was designed to be very unisex which is why the packaging is very neutral and most importantly the smells are very neutral as well. We deliberately chose these to be subtle and not too floral. Also the range is very simple to use: serum plus cream applied twice a day in the morning and at night. This is very straight forward and easy which is what everybody with a busy lifestyle wants now. Men in particular! It is also the secret of the line – use the serum and the cream twice a day to get the maximum results out of the peptide protein technologies. This is because once they have been applied to the skin they only work for 12 hours. This means that when you use them only once a day you get only 50% of the result and to get to 100% of the possible result you need to apply them twice a day so that they work for 24 hours non-stop. I kept the line and the application process simple and if you stick to these simple rules you get the promises result.

Are you planning to add any new products to the range at the moment?

What I decided to do which is very different to other brands is to keep my hero products as true heros. Once you have fallen in love with your DREAM cream or your DELUX cream you want these to stay being the best of the best. The way I am different is that I do not add any new creams to the range but rather update the technology of the existing products. We have already had two such upgrades. As a manufacturer we want to use the best next available technology in our products which means that you know that you always have the best cream in the world today. You can keep using it and loving it and be passionate about it. This way you never have to go searching for the new products. As a consumer myself I know I used to think ‘I love this particular serum or cream but why did they discontinue it to bring something new in?!’. I know I am very different with my approach but I think this is the best way to give the best results to our customers. As a brand we are completely focused on the results rather than marketing. When you buy Gaylia Kristensen products you know that what you pay for is the cost of the technology which is in the jar rather the marketing budget of the brand.

Having said this, however, we are currently working on a new development which will be a new type product altogether.

Is this something you can share with us now?

Not at the moment. Unfortunately, it takes 3-4 years to develop a new product. Each new product has to go through very vigorous testing and since I am a perfectionist I will not rest until I know I have created the best product with the best current technologies. We have some very innovative ideas and you should hear something fairly shortly. Once we are close to completion you will be one of the first to know!

Wonderful! Gaylia, thank you very much for your time and for sharing your knowledge and passion about your products!

It was a pleasure, thank you!

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