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Interview with Gaylia Kristensen. The passion and technology behind her skincare. Part 1 of 2

Gaylia Kristensen interview

Gaylia, it was a pleasure to have you here in London. I have now been using your skincare for a number of years since we first launched it on our website and I am very impressed with the results it gave me. Could you please tell us a bit more about your skincare and the passion behind it? I know that it all started after you moved to Australia from the UK having spent 12 years working in the cosmetics industry in the UK.

Yes, I have actually been in the cosmetic industry for 25 years altogether and I have always had a passion for natural ingredients. I had been working here in the UK and my husband and I were the general managers for a very large multi-million dollar skincare cosmetic company which was owned by the Sara Lee Corporation. We worked here, loved natural products and pioneered this great Australian company here in Europe which was brilliant and then we decided to go back to Australia to retire.

I take it this never happened?

No! (Laughs) We moved to this amazing place in Australia called Noosa which is a true tropical paradise. I absolutely loved it but soon after the move I noticed that my skin literally started to fall apart because of the Australian sun and harsh climate. So I started to look for a natural product which would give me powerful results and I went looking everywhere because I did not personally want to go down the Botox route. It worries me that people are injecting Botulinum toxin around their brain and eyes. I did not want to go down the filler route or surgery route either. I thought there must be another way, a natural way. I was after a natural product which would give me amazing results and the bottom line was that I could not find one. However, it is amazing how the universe works as at the same time some of my contacts in Europe told me about this new technology coming from Europe which I was completely blown away by. I just thought it was unbelievable.

Is it the protein polypeptide technology

Yes, it is. It is new state-of-the-art molecular protein polypeptide technology.

How does it work?

Well, it is very interesting actually. The two functions of the skin that we are very interested in are collagen and elastin. It is what keeps you young and beautiful and the skin firm and elastic. It is when the collagen and elastin production goes down that we start getting lines, wrinkles and sagging and all of the problems begin. What is interesting is that both of collagen and elastin are proteins. What they can do in the laboratories now is to take a natural plant protein which is made up of the hundreds or even thousands of amino acids and then choose those amino acids from this chain which are most beneficial for our skin. They use these selected ones to custom build new chains of amino acids which are really tiny molecules. This is what Peptides are. What is amazing is that thanks to its size a peptide is able to travel down into the deepest layer of the skin and be able to activate the skin cells at the deepest skin cellular level.

We can have a peptide designed to stimulate collagen production and another one to activate elastin production. You can create one that firms the base layer of the skin. Overall, each of these protein peptide technologies has its own unique function, a particular job to do on your skin. This is remarkable because such targeted activation will give us the results that we are looking for. The most remarkable thing is that now with this technology we can not only treat the skin’s surface but additionally penetrate deep down to those cellular levels which used to be previously unreachable. All that existed prior to this involved injecting the technologies deep into the skin. Now we have natural peptides that can do the same job, they just take a longer time to work.

So after having worked in the industry for 25 years I realised that these new technologies would revolutionise the skincare world. They were absolutely awesome! Then it was actually my husband who said to me: ‘somebody should do this right and it should be you, Gaylia’. It is really amazing to have a partner like that!

That began my amazing journey out of retirement in a tropical paradise to when I decided to launch my own skin line. We have become pioneers in the new field called Natural Molecular Cosmetics. We are now working with every new technology which comes out. It is all about protein technology and we use proteins from plant and marine extracts (Algae and Seaweed). You can get peptides from toxins such as bee or snake venom or from things like an umbilical cord but we do not go anyway near those. I really have a passion for natural products based on plant proteins as our approach.

It took us 4 years to develop those first 6 products, involving three different sets of chemists, and three packaging suppliers. We had a lot of challenges along the way but I never gave up on my dream. I have this real passion that I can create a natural alternative for people who view Botox as the only option.

How do you choose which plants to use to extract the proteins which are then used to create these peptides?

The initial analysis is actually done by chemists in laboratories to a pharmaceutical equivalent grade. The technology is really coming from the pharmaceutical world into the cosmetic field and the big revolution is that they can now bring this science into natural cosmetic products which we never were never before able to do.

If these technologies are so amazing why is it nobody else uses them?

The thing is these technologies are very expensive and they can cost us up to $44K per kilo. They are unbelievably expensive and other brands do not use them because of this cost. What some of them might do is to use these technologies but in a very small percentage when they would put just maybe 0.001% of it in the cream to say it is in the product. When you look at the ingredients the peptides are listed down there at the very bottom. The big thing with this is that when it is in such a minute quantity they do not work. It costs millions of dollars to get Dossier (clinically proven results) for these technologies. You get them in both in virto and in vivo (in vial and on skin) and we have both of these tests. The scientists will then tell us that if we use these technologies in these percentages you will get these results. So we said we would definitely commit to this. If it says the technology needs to be used in these high percentages to give the laboratory proven results that this is what we will do. However, many other companies do not do it, they only put it in small amounts for marketing purposes. However, I thought if I was going to do it I would do it properly and create the best of the best.

Essentially you were creating a skincare for yourself so there was no point in creating something that was not working.

Exactly! I thought this was common sense. I guess I am totally results driven and totally focused on the end result.

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