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The New Way of Oil Pulling. How to do it

The New Way of Oil Pulling

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is the ancient, time-tested Ayurverdic detox technique. It involves swishing oil in the mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes daily. Recently this ancient practice has drawn much attention from medical specialists many of whom praised its teeth-whitening and bad breath-banishing properties.

How does it work?

The process takes advantage of oil’s natural tendency to absorb other oils and fat soluble toxins. Oil pulls these out from any surface where it has been applied to.

Oil pulling is best performed after the mouth is first prepared by an initial cleanse. This means your teeth are flossed and most importantly your tongue is scraped and brushed. The initial cleanse then allows the oil to penetrate deeper into the tissue of your mouth pulling the bad microbes out whilst leaving the good ones which your body needs untouched. This is what seperates oil pulling from conventional, mainly alcohol-based mouthwashers. The latter tend to wipe out all of the good microbes too.

The good microbes are essential to your mouth’s microflora. First of all, they ensure that your gums and teeth can remain healthy. Secondly, they also helps to maintain fresh breath. The good microbes are, in fact, the first immune response for the entire body. On the other side, the bad microbes including Streptococcus mutans and the harmful yeast Candida albicans are known to contribute to tooth decay and can be the cause of various health concerns specifically in the heart, arteries and brain.

The New Way of Oil Pulling

Traditionally oil pulling is performed with coconut oil but at Cosmetics Guru we like to try new things or more appropriately to say in this case the old things the new way. Let us introduce you to Oliveda’s Detoxifying Mouth Oil Cure.

The brand’s entire extensive range of skincare, body and hair products are based on old recipes of olive tree therapy commonly used in ancient times in the Mediterranean. The Mouth Cure uses extra virgin olive oil that received numerous awards and combines it with the health beneficial properties of almond oil, olive leaf and mint extracts. The product also contains the brand’s legendary key ingredient – olive tree cell elixir which is the secondary plant substance of the olive tree and it is thanks to its rejuvenating anti-aging power that an olive tree could reach the biblical age of up to 4000 years with high vitality.

There you have it – the product which combines the best of ancient Auyrverdic practice and the knowledge of Mediterranean civilization. East and West in one bottle. Genius.

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